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Systems for:

Cashless Casinos - Casino Monitoring  

Progressive Jackpots - Slot Machine Monitoring

OEM Development

Technologies utilized:

Dallas iButton  -  Dallas One-wire   

Chip Cards - Smart Cards

Atmel CPU -  Rabbit MCU  -  GSM

Services:     (Eastern Cape Area  ZA)

Computer Networking & ADSL Sharing for SMME's

Wireless Networking - Virus Scanning and Software

Computer and Internet Training

Our Mission

In addition to our own product lines, we are committed to providing economically viable solutions for clients whom require that "Something different". 

In particular, we strive to design and manufacture systems that are robust, simple to install, operate and maintain, particularly in geographical areas lacking in technical expertise.

After viewing our products and technologies used, consider what we could design for you.

Company Profile

Since 1990, the technical and management complement of Zytec Electronic Developments have successfully designed and developed a number of interesting projects for industry, commerce and home.

Our Casino related products  are exported.

Contact Information

In geographical areas not directly covered, we enter into reciprocal arrangements with companies manufacturing complimentary products, or with distributors who show professionalism in marketing and product support. 

Operating from the coastal city of East London, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, our staff enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, but don't be misled into believing that this area is purely a vacationers dream - it is the home of Daimler-Chrysler SA (Mercedes Benz), Nestle and J&J in addition to being the only deep water River Port in South Africa.  

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