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ADSL Broadband Internet connection is becoming increasingly appropriate in small and medium business operations.  Not only does it allow permanent connectivity to the Internet for automatic email checking, it can save significant time when researching the Internet or Internet banking compared with dial-up connection.  This factor alone can greatly improve productivity and communications.

Considering that an ADSL allows a normal telephone to share the same Telkom connection (Voice calls are charged normally)  the economic factors even for small businesses may well show small savings. 

One of the most important considerations when permanently connected to the Internet is to have an effective firewall.  The use of a fire-walled router between connected computers and the ADSL modem is the most effective long-term method of eliminating unwanted intrusions.  Most routers allow for up to 4 computers to share a common ADSL Internet connection over a LAN (local area network).  If additional computers need to be connected, then the LAN can be extended.

Businesses that have multiple branches with which they regularly communicate telephonically could benefit from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which, with certain extra equipment, allows telephone conversations to be made to other similarly equipped ADSL subscribers, via your ADSL connection at no cost.  For a economic example of this technology, take a look at SKYPE. For corporate solutions we can provide increasingly sophisticated systems as soon as VoIP legislation in South Africa is in place.

In addition to supplying quality equipment at competitive rates, Zytec offer consultation, advice,  installation, configuration and ongoing support throughout the Eastern Cape. 

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