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Wi-FI is becoming a convenient method of computer networking, particularly in offices where Notebook computers are utilized or where routing cables is difficult or uneconomic.
A wide variety of equipment is available for Wireless LAN, including access points, repeater and bridges as well as Cardbus, PCMCIA, PCI and USB interfaces for the computer.  If this sounds confusing, there are a few communication standards, various data speeds as well as the security/authentication aspects to consider. Positioning of the radio antennae of the access point is important when there are obstructions or significant distances involved.
That is where Zytec can assist with product knowledge and a site survey to establish the most effective and economic solution.      
We supply reliable quality equipment at highly competitive rates, as well as providing advice for those capable of handling their own installations (Ability to RTFM a prerequisite).  A full installation and configuration service is offered. 

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