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Zytec Casino Systems 

For many years Zytec have been designing and implementing systems for casino operators.  Starting from very economic cashless and meter monitoring systems for small operations and progressing to the new G-Rabbit system, which offers maximum facilities and flexibility, but still remains cost effective.

G-Rabbit System Benefits

  •     Minimize machine downtime

  •     Minimize player waiting

  •     Improve play speed

  •     Reduce machine wear

  •     Reduce outlay on dormant cash holding

  •     Instant auditing of transactions and machine readings

  •     User defined reports

  •     Multiple Cashier positions   

  •     Secure  - Credit values on system, card is purely player ID.

  •     Lost cards can be replaced without player losing value

  •     Multiple auditing and reporting positions  

  •     Staff log-on to computers using cards or passwords                    

  •     Standard Ethernet and Secured Wireless data system simplifies installation 

  •     Scaleable from 20 to 2,000 machines

  •     Player Loyalty option

  •     Junket validation facility (Time and value) [EXCLUSIVE]

  •     Mystery Bonus Progressive option  

  •     Remote reporting via Internet option

  •     Provision for Gaming Board reports

  •     Self-service cashier with bill validator for issuing credits

  •     Choice of modules for specific operation   

  •     Economic investment

  •     SMIB machine interfacing for SAS compliant and Legacy machine

  •     SAS and Legacy machines interface to the same system

  •     Provision for remote disabling of individual or all machines

  •     Additions according to Client requirements                                          


G-Rabbit Casino System – Overview


Being conscious of the variation of clients needs, the Zytec development team, familiar with the meaningful information required by casino operators, is responsible for the design and implementation of the G-Rabbit system.  

Machine interfacing options include SAS and direct connection.  Protocols other than SAS will be developed according to clients' requirements.

Excepting for interfacing within machines, this system utilizes standard computer hardware and networking technology  (Including WiFi) and offers the following modules:


Machine meter monitoring (including multiplayer)         

Player Loyalty

Junketeer Validation

Cashier Shift Change and reconciliation

Foreign Exchange buy/sell with commission

Cashless  (Card or iButton)    

Link Progressive Monitoring                                         

Mystery Bonus progressive                                 

Maintenance module     



One of the most significant features of the G-Rabbit system is flexibility that allows the client to order only the modules required for the running of his particular operation.  

Similarly, the number of computer workstations will be tailored to suit, depending on the size and complexity of the operator’s requirements.  Click here for Technical Details. . . . . .


Almost missed out the fantastic economy - ask for a quotation for your operation


Distributor enquiries are invited


As a result of the superior performance of the G-Rabbit system, the following products have been discontinued .

Naturally, we continue to provide support for existing installations


Z-Key Slots Monitoring – Overview



Zytec Z-Key is designed as a cost effective method of capturing slot machine and other electronic gaming machine meter readings to a computer and producing a data file containing current and historical meter readings together with current  “movement”.

This system is designed to function with the minimum of effort.  Whilst the investment in the Z-Key system is a low compared to the cost of more sophisticated systems, the resultant information can provide the operator with meaningful information in respect of income and machine performance. Up to 200 machines/player positions are allowed on this system.     More . . . . .




Z-EFT Slots Cashless – Overview


Purpose of Z-EFT

Cashless slot machine system for up to 100 machine player positions.


This system uses RS485 communications linking to a desktop (Host) computer for cashier credit issuing and redemption, data storage and reporting.  A “Cashless slave” microcontroller module is installed in each player position and interfaces in a non-invasive manner with the machine’s coin handling, hopper and button wiring harness connections. Either a Dallas iButton or Smart card reader is fitted to the machine to accept and read a ‘player identification iButton of smart card together with either a LED or an LCD display that shows the credit value transferred.   This ‘slave’ communicates with the host computer via the RS485 data link. 

Players’ credits are stored on the host computer referenced to each player identifier iButton or smart card serial number, until the host computer receives a request from a machine slave with a matching player identifier, when the stored credit value applicable to that identifier will be transferred to the requesting machine slave.

Cash-outs from machines are processed in a similar manner.  More . . . . 




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