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What is an iButton? 

The iButton is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable stainless steel can, up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. The steel button can be mounted virtually anywhere because it is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments - indoors or outdoors. It is durable enough to attach to a key fob, ring, watch, or other personal items and used daily for applications, such as access control to buildings and computers.



How Durable is the iButton?

Durability - Would a card take this treatment?

The silicon chip within the iButton is protected by the ultimate durable material: stainless steel. You can drop it, step on it, or scratch it. (Try any of those with your Smart Card and see what happens.) The iButton is wear-tested for 10-year durability.


What Can I Do With the iButton?

The iButton is ideal for any application where information needs to travel with a person or object. Affixed to a key fob, watch, or ring, an iButton can grant its owner access to a building, a PC, a piece of equipment, or a vehicle. Attached to a work tote, it can measure a variety of processes to improve efficiency, such as manufacturing, delivery, and maintenance. Some versions of the iButton can be used to store cash for small transactions, such as transit systems, parking meters, and vending machines. The iButton can also be used as an electronic asset tag to store information needed to keep track of valuable capital equipment. 

Door lock


What are the Advantages of iButtons Over Other Technologies?


When developing a solution to meet your application needs there are many technologies on the market to consider along with iButtons. Bar-codes, RFID Tags, Magnetic Stripe, Prox, and Smart Cards to name a few. Unlike Bar-codes and Magnetic Stripe cards, most of the iButtons can be read AND written to. In addition, the communication rate and product breadth of iButtons goes well beyond the simple memory products typically available with RFID. As for durability, the thin plastic of Smart Cards is no match for the strength of the stainless-steel clad iButton.  Also, when comparing these technologies on the basis of security, there is no match for the iButton.


Who's Using the iButton?

With over 85 million iButtons currently in circulation, the list of users is very long.  Particularly effective in hostile environments, universities, mines, factories as well as in offices and banks, iButtons have proved their value.


What can Zytec do for You?

Our design team have developed many interesting products including access control systems, temperature monitoring installations, guard patrol monitoring units to name a few.  We have the knowledge and facilities to design and develop your ideas into reality.

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