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Being conscious of the variation of clients needs, the Zytec development team, familiar with the meaningful information required by casino operators, is responsible for the design and implementation of the G-Rabbit system.  

Machine interfacing options include SAS and direct connection.  Protocols other than SAS will be developed according to clients' requirements, alternatively we can consider integrating parts of this system with a client's games.

Excepting for interfacing within machines, this system utilizes standard computer hardware and networking technology and offers the following modules:

Machine meter monitoring (including multiplayer)

Machine Maintenance    

Player Loyalty

Junketeer Validation

Cashier Shift Change and reconciliation

Foreign Exchange buy/sell with commission                                                                   

Cashless  (Card or iButton)    

Maintenance module   

Mystery Bonus progressive

Link Progressive Monitoring


One of the most significant features of the G-Rabbit system is flexibility that allows the client to order only the modules required for the running of his particular operation.  

Similarly, the number of computer workstations will be tailored to suit, depending on the size and complexity of the operatorís requirements.  


G-Rabbit Slave Module (Slot Machine Interface Board) SMIB

This module is connected to each player position and connected as appropriate according to the system requirements and machine type.

For example, when monitoring a machine that is SAS compliant, with no requirements for Cashless or Player Loyalty, only the Power, SAS and Ethernet connectors will be populated or used. 

For Cashless operation on non SAS-EFT machines, the SMIB emulates the machine coin switches for credit-to-machine transactions, taking note of coin-lockout status, and responds to the machine's hopper-run signal by emulating the machine's coin-out switch.  Provision is made for N/O or N/C switches and HI or LO levels on the inputs.

The G-Rabbit system caters for machines that allow "Coin stacking" as well as those that are "Vegas" style (Only allow credits to be accepted for a single game) by alternative interfacing methods.

Most of the SMIB configuration (Coin pulse widths & ratios etc.) are configured through the G-Rabbit host system.  This simplifies installing the SMIB's in different machine types.




Connector Designation:

A    Power connector - 12 volt DC

B    Smart Card reader - Used with Cashless, Player Loyalty and Machine Maintenance

C    LCD Display - Used with Cashless, Player Loyalty and Machine Maintenance

D    Button Matrix 3 x 4 - Used as expansion input with non - SAS compliant machines

E    Keypad Matrix 5 x 4 - Used with Cashless, Player Loyalty and Machine Maintenance

F    4 x Opto-isolated outputs - Available for customized requirements

G    4 x AC/DC  Opto-isolated inputs - Available for customized requirements or meters on non SAS units

H    DOW connector  - Used for Dallas iButton readers, included two LED outputs

I    Ethernet connector - Used to connect to computer network

J    RS232 serial - Available for customized requirements e.g. Ticket printer

K    SAS interface - Used to connect to SAS compliant machine

L    RS 232 interface - Used to connect to machines  with serial communications or to a Bill Acceptor

Connections K and L are mutually exclusive.

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