G-Rabbit Overview

For many years Zytec have been designing and implementing systems for casino operators.  Starting from very economic cashless and meter monitoring systems for small operations and progressing to the new G-Rabbit system, which offers maximum facilities and flexibility, but still remains cost effective.


Instant auditing of transactions

Instant auditing of machine readings

User defined reports

Multiple auditing and reporting positions  

Remote reporting via Internet option

Staff log-on to computers using cards or passwords

Scaleable from 20 to 2,000 machines   

FOREX conversion with commission  

Economic investment 

Mystery Bonus Progressive option  

Standard Ethernet and Secured Wireless data system simplifies installation 

Choice of modules for specific operation

Advanced customization by arrangement 


EFT - Cashless - Loyalty

Minimize machine downtime

Minimize player waiting

Improve play speed

Reduce machine wear

Reduce outlay on dormant cash holding

Multiple Cashier positions

Self-service cashier with bill validator for issuing credits

Player Loyalty option

Secure  - Credit values on system, card is purely player ID.

Lost cards can be replaced without player losing value

Junket validation facility (Time and value) [EXCLUSIVE]

SAS and Legacy machines, including multi-player games can operate on the same system

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